Las Vegas Margarita and Mojito Festivalhas arrived!!  Henderson Convention Center March  25th 2017!  Enjoy Handcrafted Margaritas, Mojitos, and Craft Beers with a tasting ticket,  come on out and enjoy the festival, it is for kids of all ages!  The tasting ticket includes :Abundant tastings of craft margaritas ,mojitos,  select craft and Mexican beers, embossed souvenir glass.   The rest of the festival is free entry for everyone to enjoy.  We will have live music,  food trucks, artisan craft and food vendors, Come on out and enjoy the day, or venture out in the evening to enjoy great food, amazing cocktails, craft beers, and live bands.   Cheers!

We provide support in the home for single parents, and their children, going through Cancer and Chemotherapy.  Being a single parent is hard enough, let alone, caring for your children when you are devastatingly ill during therapy.  We want to help provide support in the home, helping both the parents and the children lead a "normal" home life, knowing all to well that its a devastating time for all.   Our "Angels" will come into the home and help take some of the burden and workload off the shoulders of the cancer patient to care for the home and the children.  The everyday tasks involved with being a single parent are overwhelming as  it is, imagine when you are so ill you can barely take care of yourself.  Our mission is to allevate some of the heartache involved with having Cancer and going through the healing process.  For more information:

Calling All Angels Foundation